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CHG - Caracciolo Hospitality Group

A hospitality management company founded on the commitment and trust of a group of Neapolitan entrepreneurs, united by the values and energy to pursue work excellence, operating in the South of Campania region.


The properties of the CHG group

CHG has several accommodation facilities in its portfolio, including both hotels and flats. The Group currently has four operating units across the Campania Region (South of Italy) : three in the city of Naples (including a 5*L hotel, a 4*S hotel and a flat in the Chiaia district) and one in the province of Benevento (a 4* retreat hotel).

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About CHG

Caracciolo Hospitality Group S.r.l. is a hotel management company founded by a group of Neapolitan entrepreneurs inspired by the values of work excellence. The aim of the project is to create a virtuous circle to improve Naples’ reputation as a global tourist destination, generating new jobs and training new professionals.

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Group's affiliations

Caracciolo Hospitality Group cooperates with multiple commercial partners, achieving several scale economies through contractual agreements with capitalised and globally operating entities.

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CHG - Caracciolo Hospitality Group


Job opportunities

Caracciolo Hospitality Group represents a landmark for the area in which it operates. The Group is constantly looking for new talents, ambitious resources who aim to raise their profile in the hospitality sector.

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